Identification means that you identify yourself on a website, for example, when you want to login to your Internet bank, the Swedish Tax Agency or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. When you choose Log in to the website, the identification window automatically opens.
Check that the service provider which is stated in the identification window in the BankID Security Application is the one you expect.
If you have more than one BankID, you have the opportunity to choose which of them you want to use, but as a rule you can use the one which is pre-selected in the list.
If you log in with BankID on file, or BankID on card with a card reader without PIN pad, a text field is shown for Password or PIN, where you enter your password or PIN.
Then click on the button I verify my identity. If you log in with BankID on card and have a card reader with PIN pad, you will be requested to enter your PIN on the PIN pad.